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Results for our experiment!

Fluorescence happens when one wavelength of light excites a molecule and causes it to emit light in a different wavelength. In order to check to see whether the plasmid you transformed was YFP, RFP, or CFP, we have different flashlights and eyepieces that emit and capture wavelengths of light specific to each protein. Shine each flashlight on the plate, and look through the eyepiece and look for a colored light.

Design your own microbe!

Break off into groups and imagine you are participating in the iGEM competition. Brainstorm problems you can solve using biology and interesting new things you can make biology do. Using the parts we talked about and what you learned in the class about how genes are controlled and what synthetic biology can do, design a life form that will do something it doesn't normally do in nature. Most of all, be creative and have fun!

Check out the posters we made about our designs here!